[Evolution] Configuable mailbox-wide default emai list behavior?


This is something that's kinda bugged me ever since I started using
Evo in the 1.0 days.

Currently, hmmm, what do you call it, the "list of all emails in
the folder" has the fields  Status, Attachment, Flagged, From 
Subject & Date, is not Threaded, and deleted emails are visible.
So, I have to customize it.  Doable, but a hassle, since I like
lots of folders.

Somewhere in Tools->Settings, could there be a "Default Folder
Definition", which would let me add/remove fields, customize
widths, set/unset Threading, Deleted Visibility, etc.

That would be really sweet.

Any thoughts, clarifications, bouquets, brickbats, before 
I submit a wishlist bug?

Ron Johnson <ron l johnson cox net>

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