[Evolution] Re: mail priorities

I'm not sure how big a flame I'm feeding, but I did check the archives.
What I saw from Ximian folks seemed a bit silly, specifically this


Summary: we won't implement it because some websites have differing
opinions on header definitions.

I don't think it's such a hard fact to face that the sheer volume of
Outlook users in itself creates the standard on what the priority
headers set by it are essentially the standard. I don't think it would
be a strech to say that the 1 to 5 inclusive range on X-Priority with 1
high, 5 low is close enough to a standard to be dependable for Outlook,
Mozilla, and Squirrelmail and that the X-MSMail-Priority header is 100%
dependable for sending to Outlook clients.

I also found this thread of a debate that says senders shouldn't be
allowed to sort the recipients email priorities.


As one person points out, all the recipient has to do is disregard what
the sender set if they don't think a high priority email is really a
priority. I think it makes sense for a boss to note to their
subordinates what's high priority and not.

I won't press the issue beyond this since it seems that the development
team has already stamped a big No on this feature request. I won't put
code where my mouth is since it would take me longer to learn how to
code it than it would be worth to use it, but I would also say that
just because some developers might not like to use the feature/option,
doesn't mean everyone else wouldn't want to, too.

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Subject: Re: [Evolution] mail priorities
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Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 16:09:54 +0200

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Am Mi, den 05.05.2004 schrieb David Norman um 13:27:
I've got coworkers that actually prefer having priorities set on
email with the X-Priority and/or X-MSMail-Priority headers. Is
there a
setting for that when composing emails or is that just not


it is whether implemented nor is it planned to.
if you are interested in the reasons, please check the archives.


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