Re: [Evolution] Re: Msg reply

On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 16:46, Steven Vandor wrote:
Although I am running Evolution on Suse9, my virus scanner won't allow
any viruses (including Windows viruses) onto my disk. So I could not
read notzed's zip file, because:

The [Win32/Bagle.O.ZIP.Worm] virus was detected in [].

Can you clean up. please?

You don't want to read it.  Its a virus generated message presumably
from someone who reads this list and so has the list address and
notzed's in their address book.  If you look at the headers and compare
them to a kosher message you'll see its a forgery and has never been
near notzed.

It would be useful if ximian could front end their lists with a scanner
- or just an attachment blocker for nasty attachment types to prevent
this garbage going round.  The scanner need not add too much load since
it only needs to scan stuff going into the lists (ie 3 orders of
magnitude less traffic than that coming out).

Clamav is getting to be essential for non-MS sites too :-(


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