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man, 03.05.2004 kl. 15.55 skrev guenther:

If you really are using third party tools like fetchmail, you should not
be afraid of using third party tools for eliminating dupes, in this case
formail... ;)

$ cat mbox | formail -D 8192 .msgid -s >> dedupe.mbox
$ mv -f dedupe.mbox mbox

Anything like that for email stored in Maildirs (specifically, Courier 

Oops, yes, should have mentioned the above is for mbox files only -- as
one could guess by the file names... ;)

No maildir solution OTOH unfortunately, but 'man formail' will be
informative. As formail will store the cache on disk after it is done
precessing the current job, filtering on unique Message-IDs should be
possible with single mail files in maildir format as well.

Maybe someone else already has done this?

Two solutions for Courier-based tools (reformail, maildrop):

1: maintenance:
Works a treat :)

2: regular delivery, /etc/maildroprc:
# Avoid messages with duplicate Message-IDs
`/usr/local/bin/reformail -D 8000 duplicate.cache`
   if ( $RETURNCODE == 0 )



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