Re: [Evolution] Echange-bound messages getting stuck in Outbox

There's a different env variable for connector stuff.  I can't recall what it is (connector is a separate product), try searching the lists.

Also, try moving the stuff in the outbox to another folder temporarily, to maybe see if it is just one message causing the holdup.


On Mon, 2004-05-03 at 14:15 -0400, Norman P. B. Joseph wrote:
RPMS: ximian-connector-1.4.6-0, evolution-1.4.6-0

User's Exchange account is configured to send out e-mail through
Exchange (he also has local accounts that send out through the local
Sendmail service).  Whenever he tries to reply to an e-mail message
received through his Exchange account he receives the following pop-up
error message:

	Error while performing operation.
	Could not send message.
	This might mean that your account is over quota.

Of course, there is no quota issue with this user's account.  I tried
running with CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG, but it provided no interesting
messages when trying to tickle the error.  Do the Evolution literati
have any suggestions for where to look from here?


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