[Evolution] Repeating folders in Evolution 1.5, IMAP slowness

A while back I grabbed Fedora FC2 and tried the Evolution 1.5. At that time I saw a problem where all of my IMAP folders were repeated. This weekend I reloaded that system with SuSE 9.0, tried 1.4.6 on it, and then grabbed Evolution 1.5 development version via red carpet. It too has that problem (1.4.x does not).

It appears that as soon as I uncheck "Check all folders" in the email settings that I get the duplicated folders. Once this happens there is no going back: re-checking that option does not get rid of the problem.

Folders are duplicated in the tree such that there is one occurance of the top level folder for each subfolder in the tree plus one for each top-level folder. Thus if the tree looks like this:

Then Evolution will show 4 copies of "TopFolder1" (and each will have the entire subtree under it).

I'm attaching a couple of screenshots to help clarify. I'm curious if I'm the only one seeing this or is this a known problem?

Also why is Evolution so slow with IMAP (which is what got me started trying 1.5 in the first place)? Mozilla Messenger sync.s my folders, brings up my inbox, does filtering, and junk mail filtering all within about the amount of time it takes the window to appear. Evolution takes anywhere from 4 to 7 minutes and I've not even got filters installed on it. It was in trying to figure this slowness out that I was trying turning off the check-all-folders option as well as in trying the next version of Evolution.


PNG image

PNG image

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