[Evolution] Question about evolution task "alerts"

I'm running on Suse 9.0 Pro with Evolution 1.4.5. Currently just using Evolution for Calendar and Tasks. I've noticed at times there are the following tasks in my ps listing even when I don't have evolution running:

soneill linux:/var/mail> ps -ef|grep evolution
soneill 2730 2622 0 Mar25 ? 00:00:03 /opt/gnome/libexec/evolution/1.4/evolution-alarm-notify --sm-config-prefix /evolution-alarm-notify-5cXpTP/ --sm-client-id 117f000002000107962174300000027010009 --screen 0

Are processes like these related to evolution trying to throw up a popup window saying a task is about to start/end or whatever ?

If they are, I've never seen any sort of window popup from Evolution.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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