Re: [Evolution] Re: smtp question

man, 22.03.2004 kl. 16.03 skrev Not Zed:

ahh well i dunno, i guess it doesn't print the greeting afterall.

looking at the code, which is kind of complex, it doesn't look like
it'll try ssl first and fallback.

Actually, I've figured it out. Evo is piqued at me for ever leaving Exim
for Postfix. Nigel Metheringham joins in and Evo remembers the good old
Exim  days; ah, those heady, youthful, Exim days and reacts
ultra-violently against Postfix. She senses I might go back, some day.

try strace or perhaps tcpdump to see what its actually sending?

Jeff might express it differently ("*double shrug, nervous tick*"), but
I put it like this: I've always loved Evo, warts an' all. If Evo doesn't
annoy me by having Postfix send postmaster stupid messages every time a
mail is sent, then she can send "?????" to Postfix as much as she likes,
Thanks for bothering at all, NotZed! Good for you to know you're
developing a unique product?


On Mon, 2004-03-22 at 13:23 +0100, Tony Earnshaw wrote:

man, 22.03.2004 kl. 07.41 skrev Not Zed:

You've stripped off some of the debug output, e.g. the server greeting
response at least.

No, no - I'm very careful with that sort of thing and used to debugging.
I deliberately showed the last "Fetch" from the Evo log, before Evo
started the smtp output. Evo never reported the 502 that postfix gave.
Unfortunately there's no date/time stamp nor pid info in the Evo log.

I don't know if one can increase the verbosity of CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG?

And this ???? thing happens before then.

There should be something with a 502 response somewhere?

You have the whole snippet of the log as it was reported.


Interesting log from Evo. I've pasted the exchange, first fom Postfix
2.0.18 snapshot, then from Evo. I did "preformat" for the postfix log,
to avoid line wrapping, hope it comes over.

Yep worked fine.



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