RE: [Evolution] Massive memory usage in Evolution

Alas I think you only get ones years support and we got this about two
years back and occasionally dust it off.

As a total *nix newbie, what info would you need ?  

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How are you checking memory usage? most people seem to check with ps or
top, neither of which reports an accurate measure since Evolution is a
multithreaded application.

You also have to remember to subtract the shared memory portion.

That said, I have no idea what the slowness factor could be. You'll
probably have to give us more information (and, better yet, contact
support since having bought Connector you are entitled to it afaik)


On Wed, 2004-03-10 at 09:19, Oliver Marshall wrote: 

        Just setup evolution 1.4 on a Mandrake 9.2 machne with the
exchange connector. It all works ok, but is amazingly slow and the
memory usage is massive, well, massive considering what its doing.
        It seems to take forever to change from folder to folder,
irrespective of how many items are in the folder. Some folders have
about 6000 items, some have ten, but either way the memory usage is over
250mb most of the time and getting the contents of folders takes
        Am i right in assuming that the reason why the
evolution-exchange-storage process is eating ram on this machine is
because its trying to cache all the emails that it finds ? If so, is
there a way of getting it to not do this ? If not, then is there any
reason why i should be having such an amazingly slow  experience? I have
used evolution with the connector on a mandrake 9 machine and i dont
remember it being this slow, even when used with the same exchange

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