[Evolution] multiple day forecasts and composer window default size]


i asked some questions but didn't get an answer.  i think maybe i had a
bad title for the post (it was wildly undescriptive).  Sorry, i hope
this isn't a user list faux-pas (to repost, that is).

I have some questions.  I am using evo-1.4.5 with redhat 9 and

1)  is there a way to get a multiple day forecast for a city?  i mean,
if you pick a city it gives the current conditions, i wouldn't mind the
weather conditions for the next couple of days (i have little hope for
this, but maybe it can happen?).

2)  the compose message window is a little small for my taste.  is there
a way to customize the size so i don't always have to resize it?

that's all for now.  thanks.


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