Re: [Evolution] BUG: frozen while looking up new mail

On Tue, 2004-03-02 at 16:01, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

While this problem *could* be related to the first issue, he hasn't
stated that he had the composer open, but maybe he just forgot to
mention it?

Florin: do you have a composer window open?

It happens no matter what i do with Evolution. Even if i just read my
email, when the time comes for it to re-read the Inbox, EVERY SINGLE
THING i try to do with it will hang for like 3...5 seconds.

As soon as it's done with whatever's doing, it will continue to run
normally. If i clicked on a folder during the blocked period, that
folder will get open as soon as that period is over (a few seconds, not
more); if i tried to copy/paste a piece of text from Evo to another
window (say, Gedit or something), CTRL-V will get executed only when Evo
gets thawed; if i'm using the Composer, all characters typed in during
the freeze (and which were invisible meanwhile) will all get displayed
at once. Heck, even the sidebars are not functional and i cannot scroll
any Evo window (Composer or other) up or down; but once the freeze is
over, it works again (and the events triggered by the user during the
freeze will happen all at once after the freeze).
If i drag an Evo window across another Evo window and i start that a
second before it gets frozen (so that it will lock while i'm just doing
it), the window underneath will not get updated, so the little window
above will leave a "snail trail". Once the freeze is over, everything
gets back to normal.

This is a vanilla Fedora Core 1 install (all updates applied) on a dual
Xeon hardware, 4 SCSI disks and 1GB RAM (fairly muscular rackmountable
server which i'm using as a workstation), with the exception that i'm
running Cyrus IMAPd on the same system and pointing Evo at it.
Even if it were a problem due to Cyrus, Evo shouldn't freeze like that.
Squirrelmail on same system (under Apache) works just fine with Cyrus.

Everything else works fine, this is my primary workstation and is
heavily used, not only as a workstation, but it also runs some hefty
database jobs every night while i'm away (big datamining jobs which take
hours to complete).
OpenOffice works fine, Mozilla as well (with Java and Macromedia),
Gedit, Gimp, Apache, vncserver, etc.

Before using Cyrus, i used to suck my email into Evo over POP3, and i
had no issues whatsoever. The problem appeared when i switched over to

Florin Andrei

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