Re: [Evolution] Ximian Evolution on Sun Solaris 9

On Fri, 25 Jun 2004 13:56:53 -0700
Michael Mehdizadeh <michaelm sis-tek com> wrote:

Is Ximian Evolution supported on Solaris 9?

I have tried to install it and the message comes back that I need GNOME
2 Final.

GNOME 2.0.2 is installed with Solaris 9.

It is a lengthy story, but I ran Evolution on Solaris 9 for quite some time.  There are several things to do 
to get the install to work.  If you must, I can probably dig up most of the hacks.

It is much, much simpler to get the pkg from (CSW).  If you have not used their pkgs, check out 
their web site.  An initial setup includes install pkg-get, then textutils and gnupg and load the gpg key 
from their mirrors.html page and add your proxy settings to pkg-get.conf.  Then use `pkg-get -i evolution` 
and evolution and all dependencies will install.  I switched to the CSW package and like it a lot.  Also, 
note that the CSW package does not use Sun's version of Gnome, but installs the required Gnome 2.6 libraries.


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