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James D. Ivey wrote:

Yea, and we can also do without e-mail altogether and just use the telephone. That's not a legitimate answer to the posted question.

And, there's a very real and legitimate reason to ask for a return receipt. It's not an invasion of privacy.

Unless Ximian implements some features that aren't important to Ximian but are important to its users, evo will be relegated to "toy" status. I'm currently struggling to remain with my current distro of SuSE+Ximian in my business, but the lack of meaningful support in both components is forcing my hand to look around for another solution.

For me Evo - I'm still on 1.4 - has oodles of reasons for making me stick to it like glue. They're to many to roll out, but a couple would be the LDAP implementation, the spelling implementation, the comprehensive range of mail authorization possibilities, native language (for me Norwegian BokmÃl), the range of integration ... reply receipts is *not* one of them - they make me burn up when I get them in Thunderbird (in which I'm writing this). My clients love it - as a prof mailadmin I have to make sure that a range of MUAs are available and most clients choose for Evo, if they're offered it.

If the only difference to Evo being a toy and not a toy is reply receipts, then it's a pretty juvenile toy ;)



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