Re: [Evolution] contacts selector freezing

Am Mo, den 07.06.2004 um 18:37 Uhr -0400 schrieb chris lee:
Evo 1.4.5 running on Gnome 2.6 / Libranet 2.8 / Debian 2.2.4

When creating a new message if start to type in the name of a recipient
or cc or bcc the drop down box appears after typing the first 3 letters
but if I select a name from the drop down evo freezes. The mouse cursor
still moves but all I can do is open a shell and kill evo. If I keep
typing until the drop down list shortens then I can select from it OK. I
don't think this has happened until just recently. The knowledgebase
makes no mention.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

hi chris,

no idea. could you create a stacktrace and post it here?
see <> for more details.
wait some time after evo has frozen and then create a stacktrace.


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