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On Tue, 2004-06-08 at 12:56, Wise, Jeremey wrote:

I will assume that your issue is not getting Evo 1.4 to work (if that is
the case... install red-carpet) but to setup "out-of office" autoreply.

In Evolution their is a menu option up top called "Tools" ->"Settings"
->Their will be a list of icons on the left hand pane. Scroll down to
the very bottom to the one called "Out of Office". Click on this to
display the settings options in the right hand pane. Input the desired
message in and then set whether you are "in" or "out". Finally, click
"Apply" then "Close". Test this by sending yourself an email.

This is part of the connector functionality, and instructs the exchange
server you are linked to to send autoreplies.

In general you do autoreplies (if at all since bad autoreply settings
are a major reason for being gently corrected with vigorous applications
of a baseball bat) on the server performing delivery rather than in the
MUA - mostly because people who are away should have logged themselves

If you do set up an autoreply, remember:-
      * It should send its replies using a null envelope sender to
        prevent them being replied to
      * it should not reply to bounces, anything sent with a null
        envelope, mailing list mail etc - in fact anything that is not
        specifically sent to you
      * it should send replies to the envelope sender and not the header
      * it should rate limit replies (ie 10,000 messages from one person
        does not merit 10,000 replies back).

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