Re: [Evolution] Out of Office Reply

On Tue, 2004-06-08 at 08:12, Chris Mawdsley wrote:
Hi Folks

Could someone point in the right direction on setting this up with
Evo 1.4.


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I will assume that your issue is not getting Evo 1.4 to work (if that is
the case... install red-carpet) but to setup "out-of office" autoreply.

In Evolution their is a menu option up top called "Tools" ->"Settings"
->Their will be a list of icons on the left hand pane. Scroll down to
the very bottom to the one called "Out of Office". Click on this to
display the settings options in the right hand pane. Input the desired
message in and then set whether you are "in" or "out". Finally, click
"Apply" then "Close". Test this by sending yourself an email.

Hope this helps,

Jeremey Wise
Jeremey Wise Agilysys com

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