[Evolution] LDAP schema, evo-1.5.8 and contact lists


I'm having some difficulty using my openldap store with evo 1.5.8 under
debian unstable. I've included the evolutionperson.schema back in 1.4
days, and my contacts work fine - for single contacts. Now, under 1.5.8,
the work and home addresses I stored for contacts appear in the card
view but not in the editor gui, which is a trifle confusing. Is it using
different attributes nowadays?

I'm also having difficulty with contact lists under ldap - they work
fine in the local contacts store, but if I create a group and drag it to
the ldap server it works fine until I disconnect, at which point after
reconnection the list is treated as a single person card and it has a
bunch of XML inside it.

Is this related to a bad version of the schema, or is it more likely to
be a setup issue?


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