[Evolution] Removing attachments from a reply

Hi folks,

Someone just sent me an email with two very long text plain files as
attachment. Evolution automatically showed the contents of the
attachments, which I though was kind of cool, and I could hide them by
clicking the green arrow. Nice.

When I replied to the message, however, Evolution automatically included
the entire contents of the plain text attachments in my reply. This
amounted to thousands of lines. Not so nice. I looked in vain for a
place to turn this off, but apparently I didn't look well enough.

Is there a place to turn off attachments in replies?

I'm using Evo 1.4.6 with Connector.

Related question #2: I resorted to some very tedious mouse-dragging to
highlight the text and delete it. I have Evo set to use Emacs-style
commands, but the Emacs commands I needed to highlight those thousands
of lines (M-@ M->) did not work. Obviously Evo can't replicate the
entire Emacs command set. So what would be a better way to do this,
besides holding down the LMB while the text scrolls down (slowly) to the

David Guertin
Library and Information Services
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753 USA

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