Re: [Evolution] Attaching emails invalidates PGP signature

On Fri, 2004-07-30 at 05:02 -0500, Ron Johnson wrote:

After reading the "[Evolution] variuos ..." email, I decided to
do a test, and attach some old emails to a new email and send it
to myself.

One thing happened, and one thing didn't...

1. My PGP signature wouldn't validate, even though it validates
   in 'all' other circumstances.  A bug?
2. I couldn't view the emails.  *That* is one thing that is very
   handy about Outlook.  Double-click on an attached email and it
   pops up in it's own Outlook mail viewing window.  If this were
   added as a Wishlist??????  (I wonder what mimetype that Outlook
   uses?  html?)
1.5.9.x is ancient in terms of evolution's evolution.  This attachment bug was fixed weeks ago.

The signature thing may have been fixed, but it depends on the messages you attached.  If any line anywhere within the text or attachment (anything that was signed) starts with "Fxxxxx" then it's been fixed already.  Otherwise file a bug, attach the resultant message, and every message attached, and explain how they were attached.
Michael Zucchi <notzed ximian com>
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