Re: [Evolution] Hide IMAP dot folders?

On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 12:58, Thomas Spuhler wrote:
I went home last night and checked out my Evo where I use imap to
connect to a remote server. No dot folders actually show up.

The weakness of "show only subscribed" is that it'll confuse a lot of
people when they create a new folder and it doesn't show up because they
have not also subscribed to it.

Yes, evolution does autosubscribe to newly created folders -- only on
the current machine.  If you're using computers at many different sites
(like I have to do) autosubscribe works on only one of them.

Other people are certainly in the same boat as me -- the whole point of
IMAP is that it works across multiple computers.  So, how about this?  

Allow users to hide folders.  This way, you could hide dotfolders once
on each machine and forever after, still see all newly created folders
anywhere.  Could be useful for other folders too.


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