[Evolution] Usefulness of .sig lines

Well, never having read the infamous .sig rfp, I find myself at a disadvantage. So I thought I would pose this question here.

I would like to have my .sig only appear in messages that I create. If I forward or reply to a message, I do not want it to show up at the end of the included message.

"other" mail clients I have used offer this as an option. However, I can't seem to find the checkbox in Evolution's Settings. Now I know I can work around this by setting NO signature as my default and then selecting the signature I would like when I've got the mail open. But that kind of defeats the purpose of having an automatically appended sig... right?

Dan McGinn-Combs
dan mcginn-combs geac com
+1 404 239-2431
Fellow, Geac Computer Corporation, Ltd.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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