[Evolution] Evolution crashes randomly at startup on segmentation fault - Mandrake 9.2

I've a Mandrake 9.2 distribution and installed evolution-1.4.4-8mdk rpm.

Sometimes, I'd say randomly (maybe 1 out of 5 or 10 tries, but sometimes
2 or even three times in a row) at startup evolution crashes,
complaining about a segmentation fault -- with no crash problem once
loaded and running, though.

Any explanation or solution will be  welcome.

PS I *know* that Mandrake 9.2 is not (yet ?) a supported distribution --
but should I have stayed on 9.1 when 10.0 beta1 has been released ?

BTW, does Ximian intend to continue or discontinue Mandrake
distributions support ?

Thank's for your help.

Didier Spaier

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