Re: [Evolution] mail present but not visible.

Merci pour la réponse,

I tried to cjanfe everything everything in View -> Hide.. -- in French :
Affichage --> Cacher ... -- but nothing worked.

Finally I had to create a new user, then Evolution created a new
~/evolution and I could copy or import files from my old
~/evolution/local folder to the new one.

Everething looks good now ... But -- other problem -- I still have
sometimes (seems to be random) Evolution hanging at startup on a
segmentation fault. I'll have a look on the archives and if I can't find
a solution open a new thread about it.

Le ven 30/01/2004 à 15:47, Jeffrey Stedfast a écrit :
View->Show Hidden Messages

somehow you probably clicked View->Hide * Messages or something.


On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 05:07, Didier Spaier wrote:
I'm on a mdk 9.2 and used a evolution-1.4.5-3mdk version. Till yesterday 
no problem, but this morning I can't see the content of any mail folder 
I have, though I can receive (as shows the number of unread messages in 
Inbox displayed in bold) and send mail.

This is very annoing because I can't even know which messages I received 
and some are already deleted from the pop server.

I saw somebody got the same problem net never got an answer -- see

I hope I'll have some more chance -- Thank's in advance for your help.

PS I downgraded to evolution 1.4.4-8 mdk but this did'nt change anything.

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