Re: [Evolution] Email with wrong charsets

one has to whack the sending mail client with a cluestick.


On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 05:07, Lars Bungum wrote:
I'm on a Norwegian mailing list where a lot of mail is sent with another
charset than what it says in the header (this affects our special
characters æøåÆÅØ, and is therefore a nuisance).  The header says
charset=iso-8859-1, but the email is usually not displayed correctly
until I choose utf-8 manually.  

Some of this mail is sent by Outlook.  Now I don't think just letting
people know about this will help (they probably don't know what's
wrong).  Therefore I ask if there is some general cause of wrong charset
headers, or usual way to fix this problem, or does one have to upgrade?


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