Re: [Evolution] Message composition freezes regulary

glad this worked out for ya ;-)


On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 13:01, J Black wrote:
Adolfo, Jeff;

Thank you! Your suggestion has fixed my "composition freezes" problem!
I have not had a problem composing messages since adding my node name
(prism) to existing localhost line of the /etc/hosts file.  It now looks
like this:       localhost       prism

This advice would be a good thing to add to the installation notes or
FAQ, or perhaps Evolution could be modified to check for the node name
once instead of every time it does an autosave.

Thanks again for your patience and helpfulness!
- Jesse
On Sat, 2004-01-24 at 01:34, Adolfo Bello wrote:
On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 03:30, J Black wrote:

Whenever I'm editing a message and typing away, the compose window
freezes for about 5 seconds every 60 seconds.  The cursor stops
blinking, and whatever I type doesn't appear until the 5 seconds is up. 
(It's done it twice just typing these sentences!)  Even typing a single
character into the message window is enough to trigger this behavior.

I don't notice this in other apps like Mozilla or OpenOffice, and I
didn't have this problem in Mandrake 9.1 (don't know which version of

I had a similar problem with Evolution (from red-carpet) in Mandrake
9.1. I solved adding to /etc/hosts the line:   myhostname   myhostname.mydomainname



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