Re: [Evolution] Hide IMAP dot folders?

my POINT is that the imap server thinks they are folders. if it thinks
they are folders then they are folders, or it wouldn't be listing them
as such.

the end.

if the server is saving state to dot files and then listing these very
same dot files as folders, then it is a bug in the imap server. if it is
a bug in the imap server, then is is the server that should be fixed.
not the client to work around one specific imap server's bugginess.


On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 14:57, Robert McMeekin wrote:
On Thu, 29 Jan 2004 at 14:23:21 -0500,
fejj ximian com (Jeffrey Stedfast) wrote:

hiding dot files is a unix filesystem thing, it is not an imap thing.

if folders starting with a . were meant to be hidden by imap clients,
then the server simply wouldn't return them in the LIST query, now
would it?

You are right.  But the whole situation makes me think of an old wild,
wild west style cowboy showdown or hodown or whatever you call them.  
Somebody needs to make a move at some point.
// Rob

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