Re: [Evolution] What ui/*.xml file defines the search drop downs?

As I just learned from guenther the other day, it's in these two files:

Your personal one:

...and the global one (for RH 9 anyway):

The personal one overrides the global one, I believe.

Note that if you edit the file with vim or any other editor which is set
to make an automatic backup file (which ends in .xml), evolution will
crash on start up and gives a cryptic error message until you delete the
backup file.

Of course, you may just want to copy the file from the system whose
setup you like and overwrite the other one, so you probably don't need
to worry about that.


On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 10:47, Matthew A. R. Sherian wrote:
I have a drop down in my evolution install at work that has "Message
Contains" as an item, I would like to have this option at home as
well. Currently that doesn't exist and I am under the impression that
that is defined in the UI XMLs.  If this is true which XML file is it
in? I have been unable to locate it with a grep for the label of the
drop down item.
Eric Lambart <ximian nomeaning net>
No Meaning, Discorporate.

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