[Evolution] Re: preferred web browser


The function you want is available on Firebird through extensions, but
not as a built-in. (Extensions, I guess, are Mozilla's way of keeping
the browser lean and letting users add functions that meet their
individual needs.) 

Go to Firebird's home page and look at its "Extensions" page. You'll
find something called Mozex 1.07. Download and install it per the
instructions. (You may have to do this with Frbrd activated as root.)
Then from within the extensions window, configure it, to wit:

Under "General" check off "Intercept mailto: clicks." 

Then in the "Mailer" field under "Commands," type:

evolution mailto:%a 

(You may need a specific path to the evolution
executable such as ~/bin/evolution , but try it without first)

Then close out of the Mozex preferences window. 

That should put you in business....

Best regards,


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