Re: [Evolution] Error when expunging deleted messages from a local folder

On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 22:05, Austin Gonyou wrote:
I get the following:

Error while 'Expunging folder': Summary and folder mismatch, even after
a sync

What can I do to fix this?

Must be contagious, I just had a folder do the same thing.

I tried making a new folder and copying the mbox file with the email to
the new folder.  All this seemed to do was copy the problem to the new

In my case the folder in question only had about 60 emails that I wanted
to keep.  So I made another new folder and then from within Evolution I
moved each email individually from the problem folder to the new
folder.  About every 15 emails I reran Evolution's "empty trash" to be
aware if the problem was transferred to the new folder.  The error
message on each test only referred to the original problem folder.

After all the mail was individually transferred, close evolution,
force-shutdown and then deleted the folder and all contents of 

Restart evolution, relink filters and now there is no error message. 
Not the prettiest solution but it works.


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