Re: [Evolution] evolution spelling won't work - but I have all the libraries (I think).


Well this is annoying.  I created a fake user, fired up evolution (giving fake account settings) and sure enough, the spelling worked.  However, your suggestion doesn't fix the problem on my account.  I even moved the whole directory .gconf to and logged in/out and I still could not get spelling to work on my account.

Nevertheless I greatly appreciate your suggestion.  If there is anything else you can suggest, please let me know.



On Fri, 2004-01-23 at 15:05, guenther wrote:
> Help! I am a horrible speller and would love to get spell checking
> enabled in Evolution.  I am currently running XD2 on Redhat 9.  In
> Tools -> Settings -> Composer Preferences -> Spell Checking there are
> no languages for me to enable.  The "Enable" button is greyed out.  
> If I type "rpm -qa | grep spell | sort", I get:

> aspell-
> aspell-en-0.51.0-0.ximian.6.1
> gnome-spell1.0-1.0.5-0.ximian.6.1

Looks good. Should work. ;)

Well, I came across a similar issue some days ago. You might want to try

To check if spell checking works at all and the issue is your user
settings, create a new user on your machine. Log in as this user and
check if that user can spell check. A fake account with no valid server
settings should do. Try if you can enable spell checking for that

The mentioned issue IIRC [1] was some wrong GConf settings. If spell
checking works for the test user, try removing (or *moving* for backup
purposes) the file

Start Evolution after that and try to enable spell checking. HTH


[1]  I am sorry, my memory just seems to be lousy...
John Molitor, Ph.D.
Dept. of Preventive Medicine
University of Southern California
1540 Alcazar Street, CHP 220
Los Angeles, CA 90089-9011

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