Re: [Evolution] Message composition freezes regulary

it doesn't happen for me, nor should it cause a temp hang. is your hard
drive exceedingly slow? is your home dir mounted over a slow NFS link?

it might not even be the autosave (I can't imagine autosave even being

have you tried uninstalling gnome-spell? does that make a difference?

(actually, I have gnome-spell too but it doesn't cause any hangs for
me... but it's another possibility?)


On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 19:41, J Black wrote:
Thank you, Guenther, for the reply.  It is somewhat reassuring that I am
not the only one experiencing it.

If others can confirm that this behavior is to be expected, please let
me know and I will switch to another mail client.  I can't imagine
telling anyone to switch from Outlook on Windows to Evolution on Linux
and, oh, by the way, you will have to stop typing for 5 seconds every

As I said in my original post (perhaps that has gotten lost), this was
not a problem in the Evolution that came with Mandrake 9.1, so if anyone
has a solution, please let me know (other than re-installing the old
Mandrake)!  I am also open to any work-around, and if someone thinks it
is just my installation that is broken and knows how to fix it, that
would be welcome information too!

- J Black
On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 13:00, guenther wrote:
Whenever I'm editing a message and typing away, the compose window
freezes for about 5 seconds every 60 seconds.  The cursor stops
blinking, and whatever I type doesn't appear until the 5 seconds is up. 
(It's done it twice just typing these sentences!)  Even typing a single
character into the message window is enough to trigger this behavior.

Just a guess: The Composer is saving copies of the mails. It might be
this. You will love this feature, when Evolution crashes the first time
while you are writing a large mail. (Well, haven't had that happen
often, though. :)

FWIW: I do see this sometimes, too.


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