Re: Re: [Evolution] Can't select Inbox

From: Tony Earnshaw <tonye billy demon nl>
Date: 2004/01/20 Tue PM 07:26:05 EST
To: Evolution list <evolution lists ximian com>
Subject: Re: [Evolution] Can't select Inbox

tir, 20.01.2004 kl. 20.53 skrev hansgruber rogers com:

I have come across a problem with a company that I support.  As Preston Lee specified in December I am 
unable to select any of the folders after a crash.  The configuration is, /home is mounted from the 
server with NFS, RH8, Evolution 1.2.2 are on the local machine.  When evolution or X/KDE crashes and 
evolution was running, once a restart happens the only folder that can be accessed is the contacts 
folder.  If any of the other folders are selected a two second (aprox) pause happens and then the 
contacts folder is automatically selected.

This is another of those "can't be bothered cos the line length reaches
from here to "de Gierbrug" (~2 km vogelvlucht, op de fiets, autorijden
of wandelen). However;

Sorry about that I was using a web interface to write the

NFS has always been a bugbear because of any lockfiles. Did anyone try
SMB (like Samba 3) for this kind of crash yet, and if so, what was your

No.  I will try that though and if anyone is interested
will post the results.

I have been using Evolution for many years and "killev" has always cured any crash, but not in this case. 
 A previous support person wrote a script to cure this, but is very heavy handed in my opinion and would 
like to see a better 

How could 'killev' (dead and gone, but restored by me on my Evo 1.4.5)
help dead lockfiles on an NFS mount?

My assumption (probably very wrong to do such) was that
evolution left around that lock file, not that it was an
NFS lock file.  That assumption was just because of the 
location of the file and what it was preventing from
running.  I still needed to use 'killev' since it was 1.2

The current solution is execute "rm -rf ~/.gconf*/*lock"

Quite. Therefore my question about alternative mounts; specifically SMB.

As the removal of all locks is pretty indiscriminate, they also reboot after running this.  I would like 
to see a solution that does not arbitrarily remove locks and does not require a reboot.


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Thanks for the insight!


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