Re: [Evolution] New Mail Notification - Not working?


You didn't say which version of Evolution you are using.  If you are
using 1.2.2, the following formula worked for me.  

        To get a beep or play a sound when e-mail arrives, perform
        the following THREE steps:
                "Mail Preferences"
                Under "New Mail Notification" select "Beep" or 
                "Play sound file when new mail arrives"
                "Mail Accounts"
                Select your mail account and click "edit"
                Select "Receiving Options"
                Check "Apply filters to new messages in INBOX on this server"
        Restart Evolution!

I don't understand why the "Mail Preferences" setting wasn't enough. 
This was the same formula that I found on the web site EXCEPT
for the "restart Evolution".



On Tue, 2004-01-20 at 09:42, Coume - wrote:
I tried to put a specific wav file to be played when a new mail arrives,
but I cannot get it to work... I tried several ones, in case it was
coming from the file but it is not...

And in fact, even when I use the beep notification it is not working
either :( Am I doing something wrong?

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