Re: [Evolution] Compiling Evolution / Syncing Palm Devices [again]

On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 11:21, Steven P. Auerbach wrote:
9 - Configure evolution, using the command 
./configure --prefix=`glib-config --prefix` --with-pisock=/usr/local
--enable-pilot-conduits=yes --enable-pilotlinktest --enable-gtk-doc
--enable-openssl --with-db3=/usr/local --with-catgets

You could try this option:
--with-db3-libs=PATH           Location of db3 libs

Look in /usr/local/lib and see what the name of the installed library
is, then look in your config.log to see exactly the error given.  If you
can't figure it out from that, send the lib name, and cut and paste the
section section of the config.log dealing with db3 into an email and
send to the list.


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