Re: [Evolution] Line wrapping?

guenther skrev lørdagskvelden eller deromtrent:

>>Perhaps I'm being dense (wouldn't be the first time), but where can I
>>find the settings for line wrapping in Evo 1.4.5?  It appears as though
>>it is wrapping unusually soon and want to see what the current setting
> Line wrapping is hardcoded to 72 chars for text/plain messages. As you
> can see by this reply, your text isn't wrapping unusually. ;)

O.k., but suppose you have to send a message to someone whose mailbox is infinitely wide, but only a 
millimeter or so high. Wouldn't it be difficult to get a message of several lines through that mail box flap? 
That's what I assume with each mail I write.


Tony Earnshaw

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