Re: [Evolution] Don't like the 1.5 look of Evolution

fre, 09.01.2004 kl. 20.51 skrev Job 317:

Is any of this configurable? Why was it changed? I thought 1.4 got the
look right.

Don't forget the recent buy out ;) Just one step on the way to a
GroupWise clone? Who ever said that network groupware had to stay
looking the same?

Look forward to a tighter integration with SuSE's OpenExchange (soon to
become "OpenGroupWise"?) and a gang of rapidly balding Evo programmers.
As the man so rightly said: "Life is just a bowl of Jello". (Or was that
"a bowl of cherries"?) Same difference, it'll start costing money, soon.

--Tonni, cynic.

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