[Evolution] "offline" calendar lookup?

Is there some kind of text-based way to retrieve the calendar from
Evolution?  At least today's appointments?  Or, can Evo email them to me
each night or something?

I'm having a real problem because in the morning when I get up I need to
review my calendar for that day (so I know what time I need to get to
work for my first meeting :)), but the calendar is on my desktop at

I have remote access, but starting Evo with DISPLAY set to home is
pretty tough to take, performance-wise.  Not to mention that I leave Evo
running at work when I leave at night so I'd have two instances running
at the same time if I tried to start it from home.

My previous calendar tool was "plan", and it had a command-line mode
where it would print your calendar for that day to stdout.  I really
need some kind of way to access my calendar remotely.

What can I do?  I'm missing a lot of morning meetings since I switched
to Evo!!

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