Re: [Evolution] Outlook2000/PGP8.0 and Evolution1.4.5/GPG1.2.4

On Wed, 2004-01-07 at 14:46, Job 317 wrote:
I simply was (and am still) looking for information regarding how
Evolution users deal with Outlook/PGP encryption and signatures and vice

Will Evolution 1.6 handle this better?

Maybe this is a problem with open source.  It's so flexible that it can
adapt to the garbage that others spit at it.  Even though it probably

Any idea whether has any interest in making their PGP product
interoperate with other e-mail clients/PGP clones?

I would think so.  Overall your problem seems to be the incompatibility
of the two clients methods of sending signatures (inline vs. attached). 
I don't know how Outlook works but if it can only read inline signatures
then the developers need to update their software.

FYI Evolution currently only supports attached signatures.  I believe
there may be work going on to bring back the older inline sig's, but I'm
sure there was a good reason why they were replaced with the new method
(IMHO that doesn't mean we shouldn't have an easier HCI way to verify an
inline signature though!).  Check the archives of this list for more

You can try to verify my message in both clients.  My public key can be
found at the URL in my .sig

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