Re: [Evolution] Replying to HTML formatted emails

On Wed, 2004-01-07 at 11:34, Pete Biggs wrote:
I don't like HTML emails, so I have my default set to not send mail
using HTML.  However, I'm not so anti-HTML mail that I won't deal with
mail that people send me in HTML!  Consequently, sometimes I have to
reply to it.  Now some of the mail I get is from people like Ebay and
the formatting of their automatically generated HTML email is full of
tables - but when I reply to it the *text* in the composer still retains
the table structure.  This makes it very difficult to edit because when
you add something below some text in a table, it gets inserted into the
table and appears as *quoted* text, not new text.

My default composing style is text.  Yet when I reply to an
HTML-formatted message, even though the reply window opens up in "text"
mode, I can choose "Format -> HTML" from the drop-down menu, and the
quoted message appears properly formatted again.  Try it.

What is extra annoying, is that the email comes as multi-part text &
HTML, so there is no reason why the text part couldn't be used for the
reply - except there is no option to choose what to include in the

I suppose a related issue is that there is no way of choosing which part
of a multi-part email is displayed - so even if there is a text part to
the email, I can only see the HTML part.

Is there any way around these things?

No comment.  Maybe something for the wishlist?


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