Re: [Evolution] focus problem - caused by Evo or window manager?

it's a suckage of the way gtk/bonobo/etc interact. it is known and is
already in bugzilla.


On Wed, 2004-01-07 at 17:39 +0100, Bram Mertens wrote:

I'm running Evo 1.4.5 on SuSE 8.2 Pro with blackbow as window manager.

I recently broke my mouse and have not yet bought a new one so I am
working solely with the keyboard ATM.

A few minutes ago I wanted to reply to a digest-message on the
opera-linux mailing list.  I wanted to change the subject back to the
subject I originally used so I copied (CTRL+c) the subject in the body
of the message, used SHIFT+TAB to highlight the subject, deleted the
existing subject and tried to paste (CTRL+v) the 'old' subject.

What happed was that the subject field remained blanc but the copied
text was pasted in the body of the message where I had copied it from. 
The cursor was definitely blinking in the subject field!

I can reproduce this but I don't know if it's related to Evo or blackbox
or something else so I wanted to check here first before I file it in

Can anybody else reproduce this?

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