[Evolution] Tying the ribbons on Evolution and SpamAssassin


I'm about 95% percent of the way there in getting Evolution and
SpamAssassin to play nicely together. I need a bit of help on the last
5%. And the "playing field" is a set of preexisting filter folders set
up under Inbox, not under VFolders.

I've set up a Can-O-Spam (COS) filter in Evolution, as per the Help
file, moved it to the head of the filter list, and SpamAssassin is now
sending files to that folder. I did add one step; I added "stop
processing" to the COS filter to prevent quarantined emails from ending
up in other filter folders -- including Inbox -- as well when they first
came in. Without the stop-processing command, SA would nab suspects, but
they'd also end up in Inbox. I'm now wondering whether the
stop-processing applies only to the spam filter I set up or the whole
filtering process. Anyway...

Then, I manually picked out the keepers and stored them in a training
folder. I ran sa-learn --ham --mbox /path/to/trainingfolder/mbox from a
command line (perhaps a script might work better) to identify these as
keepers. It told me it learned from X number of emails in the mbox. So
far, I'm happy. Then I ran Evolution's filters on the keepers to
distribute them to the correct filter folders, thinking that once SA
"learns" it will ignore the keepers and allow the filter to place them
in the right location. Instead, the keepers showed up in the COS folder

I suspect I'm missing something here. BTW, if it's of any help, when I
check my system monitor, SpamAssassin is running as:

spamd -d -c -a -L

With best regards,


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