Re: [Evolution] Evolution Emoticons/Smileys

Radek Doulík wrote:

On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 13:33 +0530, Harsh Jaitly wrote:


Can anyone tell me how to use "emoticons/smileys" (Compose Message -> Insert -> Smiley ) in Evo ?
All the smiley icons are greyed out for me...:(

they are suable in HTML format mails, you may turn HTML mode on in
Format menu.

I think there is a bug here...!!!

The smileys are available when I do *not* have the HTML format turned on. ( Assuming *on* means a tick next to HTML format ...:) )
When I do turn HTML mode on, they get greyed out...!!!

I am using Evolution 1.4.5.
Please check it out and let me know if I need to file a bug.

What do I need to do inorder to insert them in my mails ?
Will this be sufficient to be able to view the various smileys in the mails I *receive* or is there something else required ?

No, we don't replace smileys in received mails. I think there's maybe a
feature request for that in the bugzilla.
If there isn't,  there will be now...:)


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