[Evolution] Fscking confrontational

Jeff, Michael, most Ximian people ;)

I don't what I'd do without Evo (in my case 1.4.5, know you developers
are all long past that stage, but nevertheless). Bloody marvelous.

In the most recent case, adding LDAP contacts. Remember, that's
organization-wide. It just works. I honestly don't know of any other
Linux ('cos I run Linux) utility that can do what Evo does. It's not
just that, there are so many other things. F.ex, so pleased with the
spelling checker (I write fluently and correctly in 4 languages, but
have to check my spelling), love how Evo looks, love how you can kill it
when it's brain dead, love its 3-dimensionality. I don't actually hate
anything about it. I could give you several examples of utilities that
are supposed to do the same and really, really bug me.

Most people complain, can't do things they want to with Evo. Sorry,
Jeff, I'm being confrontational again ;)

Anyway ...


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