Re: [Evolution] Getting a San-Serif Font Result in HTML Email

What if the recipient explictly overrides the font to use times, for

There is no way to control this.

And to be honest, i'm sure people are more worried about the content
than whether its rendered with serifs.

On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 00:21 +1100, Joseph Staub Darling wrote:

I am using 1.4.2 Evolution, Ximian Desktop Pro, Redhat 9.

I would like to write html email that only renders in san-serif font for
all email clients, speficially ones that don't have my font types. On
most occasions when my specified font is unavailable on the recipient's
machine it renders in serif New Times Roman. And as Verdana is my brand
specified font, it is important to at least not render with serifs.

In straight html/css everyone can be happy with this hierarchical 
family of fonts (eg. font-family: verdana, helvetica, 'Bitstream
san_serif', san-serif;)

I have tried the Mail Settings and specifying a font from my system, but
no option for a generic sans-serif is available. I have tried Templates,
but I am honestly lost there.

Am I best to pursue installing a generic san-serif font or can this be
delegated to an Evolution Template? How does one prepare and install

Thanks very much, from a newbie list member and Linux user.

Joseph Staub Darling
MondoWeb Design & Development
02 9357 6614  |  0411 950 409 | fax. 02 9237 0837

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