[Evolution] Search bar problem

I am using Evolution 1.4.5 in a Libranet distro, version 2.8.1. Libranet is a Debian-based distro.

In both this version and the 1.4.3 on this same distro, the search bar above the message list is displaying incorrectly. It may be because I've changed some display option, but if that's the case, I can't tell what it is.

I used to be able to type in a search string in the text-entry area, then choose from the drop-down menu to search for that string in the body of the message, the TO field or the FROM field or whatever. You would then see all messages that contained that search string.

Now, I am getting the word "advanced" in the drop-down menu. There are no other choices, and the drop-down menu doesn't drop down. I'm unable to change it to a given search field, such as TO or FROM or MESSAGE BODY or whatever, and I can't type any text in the bar above the message list.

I am trying to discover whether this is a general problem with Evolution or whether it's just my installation. Apparently at least some others in Libranet are seeing it display the way it used to. I greatly miss the ability to search messages in the old way, and would like to find out what's going on here.

Seth Williamson

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