Re: [Evolution] Problems with randomly generated signature


You have to keep in mind that for some reason Evo expects the signature
to be html-formatted.  You'll probably have to escape the html in order
to get the desired output.

I use:
printf "<pre>-- \n"
[your sig goes here]
printf "</pre>\n"

Don't forget the space after the --!  But you probably knew that part



On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 18:31, Anton J Aylward wrote:
I have a perl script that generates a random signature and a shell
wrapper to read the pipe.  (cf early camel books or search the web, I'm
not being innovative with this).

But when evolution makes us of this it seems to strip out all the 'new
line's and fold everything up.

No doubt this has been discussed but the archives aren't exactly

Suggestions or pointers?
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