Re: [Evolution] Errors after upgrading to 1.4.5

On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 22:49, Rick DeNatale wrote:
Yesterday I bravely upgraded from the 1.2.2? which came with my Redhat 9
installation using the automatic installation recommended on

i.e. wget -q -O - |sh
as root.

I must admit that doing this made me somewhat nervous.

The installation seems to have gone well, but I've got some problems
(btw I'm using KDE):

1) The email button on the task bar broke, when I click it I get a
dialog box which says "Could not find service
'internet/redhat-email.desktop' When I try to bring up the properties on
this button with the context menu nothing appears to happen.

no idea, but you probably want evolution.desktop instead of
redhat-email.desktop (the evo rpm probably correctly fixes the GNOME
desktop links but not the KDE ones?)

2) If I run evolution from a terminal, it comes up and appears to be
working, but I get messages:

these warnings are harmless. don't worry about them.


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