Re: [Evolution] Hi and First Question

As read in:

seems  to  be  not possible to change the "home" diretory for evolution it's
"hardcoded" :-(

I'm sorry to say I have a feeling you misunderstood Guenther's answer.
The hardcocded part is the directory evolution stores data in
(~/evolution for <=1.4, ~/.evolution for >=1.5), no home directory
itself (/home/lsafar).

It's written in the mail you've mentioned above that linking to other
directory should do as expected as well (it's the job of filesystem then
to lead you to the right place).

Has anyone find a way to do this ("change" the home directory of evolution),
may be making a symbolic link?, creating a user width his $HOME over a samba

The only way to access data on Windows Server is smbmount, if you mount
it to /home/ it's your decission :-). Be sure it handles all user rights


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