[Evolution] how to reset evolution-1.5.x to default?

I have evo-1.5.4 running now - kind of. Mail runs but nothing else.
Looking at my ~/evolution, ~/.evolution and the evolution tree  in
gconf/apps I get the impression that evo-1.5.4 tries to use parts of my
old evo-1.4 data. 

I'd like to uninstall evo-1.4 completely and use only 1.5.x.
Deleting the directories in my $HOME is easy but how to reset the gconf
stuff so that evo-1.5 thinks it runs on a "virgin" system?

how to completely reset evo to defaults?

Yes, this is a text machine where I do not depend on the data - deleting
stuff is no issue :)


Jens Ansorg <liste ja-web de>

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