Re: [Evolution] Error while performing operation: RSET response error

If you have the same problem I had then your ISP is making changes to
avoid worms and virus' and other bad things by changing the way RSET and
QUIT are handled between the client and the server. The solution has
been, at least in sbc smtp servers, to switch from non-authenticating
smtp servers to authenticating smtp servers such as:
Follow the thread related to various MUA's having the same problem.,9278162~mode=flat~days=9999

Hope this helps.


On Thu, 2004-02-12 at 12:23, James Pearce wrote:
For the past several days, I've been getting the same error whenever I send
a message from my Evolution client (v. 1.4.5). I thought that it might be
something at my ISP, originally, so was pretty much ignoring it, but was on
another machine in a different location and used a different mail client,
and had no problems.

The error is:

Error while performing operation:

RSET response error: Operation now in progress

Sent items stay in my Outbox (this mail was originally sent on the 6th, but
is still in my Evo Outbox. I'm having to send it from another client), even
though they do, eventually, get sent, and the count of items in my outbox
grows, though only the one or two items is in there. Just before this
started, I did receive a message that requested a delivery and read receipt,
which I understand Evo doesn't handle?? But, that may be a red herring.

Anyway, while not a show-stopper, this is getting annoying. Does anyone have
any suggestions?


Jim Pearce

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